In Search of Nanostructures: EU funds RTD of Correlative Microscopy Techniques



Specialists from Germany, the Czech Republic, and Switzerland are jointly advancing novel, correlative microscope techniques to provide new opportunities for the detailed analysis of nanostructures. Their work is part of the EU-funded project UnivSEM, which supports the development of supplementary analysis tools for scanning electron microscopes (SEM). UnivSEM receives funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Program (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° 280566. As part of the UnivSEM project, TESCAN ORSAY HOLDING, a multinational company experienced in charged particle optics and WITec, a distinguished German specialist in Raman and scanning probe microscopy, successfully introduced a correlative microscopy technique which combines electron microscopy with Raman microscopy. The resulting RISE (Raman Imaging and Scanning Electron) Microscopy technique enables for the first time ultra-structural and chemical imaging with one microscope.

Press conference IMG_7933_wideThe whole press release in the occasion of the product launch of RISE (Raman Imaging and Scanning Electron) Microscopy could be found here. The product was launched at Analytica – Trade fair for instrumental analysis, laboratory technology and biotechnology. About 18 press representatives joined the conference. The press was also interested in the presentation of EC project officer Dr. René Martins. Additionally to the press conference we distributed around 50 press kits at Analytica.