TESCAN is a Czech join-stock company (SME) developing and manufacturing Scanning Electron Microscopes. Nowadays, nearly 200 employees work in Brno on the development of the machines used in industry, hospitals, research centers and universities all over the world. TESCAN incorporates both the long-term experience of leading scientists and research technicians who have worked in the branch of electron microscopy for many years, and creative attitudes of highly educated young people. Modern manufacturing facility includes metal working shops, about 450m2 clean rooms, assembly, final testing, research engineering and application laboratories. TESCAN has an own sales department and large commercial network with two subsidiaries in USA and China providing sales and service in its territory.

In the UnivSEM project TESCAN is responsible for the project coordination. Next to the other issues TESCAN is also accountable for building the main UnivSEM machine and its integration with other partners.


Jaroslav Jiruše is the main coordinator of UnivSEM project. He is currently working as the Head of the R&D physics department in TESCAN. He graduated at Brno University of Technology in 1996.  After the graduation, he continued with PhD study on the same university and successfully defended his thesis “Investigation of Surface Structures of Materials by Low Energy Electron Diffraction” in 2002. In years 2000 to 2005 he worked as R&D in high-technology printing company Grafitec. In 2005 he joined TESCAN as R&D physicist.Mr. Jiruse has developed detectors and columns for scanning electron microscopes.
Petr Tichopádek obtained both Ing. (1997) and PhD. (2006) degree at Brno University of Technology. His thesis “Ellipsometry of thin films and surfaces – development and application of apparatus” was successfully defended in 2006. From 2001 – 2003 he worked as designer and research worker in company AŽD Praha s. r. o.. He moved to TESCAN in 2003 as R&D mechanical designer. Currently he is working as the leader of the mechanical design team.Mr. Tichopadek worked on the development of sample stage and chamber configurations.
Filip Lopour graduated at Brno University of Technology in 1997. He continued with PhD study and successfully defended his thesis “Development and application of an UHV SPM microscope” in 2007. He joined TESCAN in 2001 as deputy manager of the Research and Development department. He worked as project leader responsible for the development of new microscopes. Currently he is working as Technical director of TESCAN company.